Monday 09.03

Speaker Title Type Time Place Paper
Nora Bilalovic Kulset Welcome 10:00 Dokkhuset
Federico Visi and Atau Tanaka Towards Assisted Interactive Machine Learning: Exploring Gesture-Sound Mappings Using Reinforcement Learning Paper 10:15 Dokkhuset PDF
Andreas Bergsland Feedback systems with FM receivers and transmitters as musical instruments Performance paper 10:35 Dokkhuset PDF
BREAK 11:05 Dokkhuset
Nigel Guérin-Garnett Machines in the Creative Process: Limitations Through Choreography Colloquial paper 11:20 Dokkhuset PDF
Rene Mogensen SomSwarm 1 computational creativity music improvisation: human-computer co-creativity Paper 11:50 Dokkhuset PDF
Matthew Hughes, Jaime Garcia, Felicity Wilcox, Robert Sazdov, Andrew Johnston and Andrew Bluff Immerse: Game Engines for Audio-Visual Art in the Future of Ubiquitous Mixed Reality Paper 12:10 Dokkhuset PDF
LUNCH 12:30 Cantina at Kunstakademiet
Øystein Fjeldbo and Diana Lindbjerg GJØRME Performance paper 13:30 Dokkhuset PDF
Huan Fan Performance Liveness: Re-Creating the Every-Time Colloquial paper 14:00 Dokkhuset PDF
BREAK 14:30 Dokkhuset
Luis Arandas, Rui Penha and José Gomes Directing Selfness – A Step Back from Digital Collaboration on Stage Performance paper 14:45 Dokkhuset PDF
Karolina Jawad and Anna Xambó Sedó How to Talk of Music Technology: An Interview Analysis Study of Live Interfaces for Music Performance among Expert Women Paper 15:15 Dokkhuset PDF
Evening program
Petra Bjørkhaug and Øyvind Brandtsegg Pipe organ and computer 19:00 Nidarosdomen

Tuesday 10.03

Speaker Title Type Time Place Paper
Filipe Cunha Monteiro Lopes and Paulo Maria Rodrigues Plantorumori – first report Paper 10:00 Dokkhuset PDF
Helena Marinho, Rui Penha Invited talk: Embodied alien. Nobody – no body Performance paper 10:20 Dokkhuset
Bernt Isak Wærstad Instrument design using machine learning and artificial intelligence Colloquial paper 10:50 Dokkhuset PDF
BREAK 11:20 Dokkhuset
Øyvind Brandtsegg An interface to an interface to an interface Paper 11:35 Dokkhuset PDF
Marije Baalman Mapping the question of mapping Colloquial paper 11:55 Dokkhuset PDF
Michael Krzyzaniak, Kyrre Glette, Alexander Refsum Jensenius, Frank Veenstra, Çagri Erdem and Michael Krzyzaniak Interactive Rhythmic Robots Installation 12:25 Dokkhuset PDF
LUNCH 12:40 Cantina at Kunstakademiet
Tijs Ham Multiple Minds Performance paper 13:40 Dokkhuset PDF
Elizabeth Wilson, Gyorgy Fazekas and Geraint Wiggins Collaborative human and machine creative interaction driven through affective response in live coding systems. Colloquial paper 14:10 Dokkhuset PDF
BREAK 14:40 Dokkhuset
Annina Ruest Bad Mother / Good Mother: an audiovisual performance Performance paper 14:55 Dokkhuset PDF
Luis Leite and Amândio Anastácio Solitária - Gestural Interface for Puppetry Performance Paper 15:25 Dokkhuset PDF
Evening program
Rebecca Fiebrink Keynote 19:00 Rockheim
Daniel Formo The Orchestra of Speech, a performance and installation Performance stage 20:00 Rockheim PDF
Federico Ghelli Visi and Aqaxa You have a new memory Performance stage 20:30 Rockheim PDF
Trond Engum and Carl Haakon Waadeland Music performance "Magnify the sound" Performance stage 20:50 Rockheim PDF
Franziska Baumann The Echo I Touch - Performance Performance stage 21:20 Rockheim PDF

Wednesday 11.03

Speaker Title Type Time Place Paper
Mathieu Lacroix The Interface as an Extension of Composition in Mixed Music Paper 10:00 Dokkhuset PDF
Thomas Moore Hybrid Conductor: Case Study and Analysis of Alexander Schubert’s Point Ones Performance paper 10:20 Dokkhuset PDF
Øyvind Brandtsegg and Axel Tidemann Shape: an adaptive musical interface that optimize the correlation between gesture and sound Colloquial paper 10:40 Dokkhuset PDF
BREAK 11:10 Dokkhuset
Franziska Baumann "The Echo I Touch" De- & Embodiment in spatial Vocal Performance Art Colloquial paper 11:25 Dokkhuset PDF
Stian Westerhus Invited paper: Transcending the interface 11:55 Dokkhuset
Peter Bennett, Jordi Solsona Belenguer and Martin Murer ImprovCues: Musical Creativity and Ideation with Machine Learning Installation 12:25 Dokkhuset PDF
LUNCH 12:40 Cantina at Kunstakademiet
Kristin Norderval "Electrifying Opera: Amplifying agency for opera singers improvising with interactive audio technology" Colloquial paper 13:40 Dokkhuset PDF
Bruno Pereira and Pedro Santos MIRROR Espelho meu - Performance/installation for voice, body and image Paper 14:10 Dokkhuset PDF
BREAK 14:30 Dokkhuset
Jordan Sand A Three-Dimensional Geography of the Double Bass Performance paper 14:45 Dokkhuset PDF
Gurpreet Chana TABLIX for International Conference on Live Interfaces Performance paper 15:15 Dokkhuset PDF
Evening program
Tone Åse I am voice. I am technology Performance stage 19:00 Cinemateket PDF
Marije Baalman the machine is learning Performance stage 19:30 Cinemateket PDF
Bernt Isak Wærstad Ghost Doctor Duplicate Performance stage 20:00 Cinemateket PDF